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Audition Preparation

This is a specifically designed lesson sequence for the student preparing to audition for music high school or college. Lessons focus on both musical and non-musical skills.

Non-musical aspects include preparation of music, communication with musicians and adjudicators, the importance of being on time, techniques for warming up, appearing comfortable and confident, and using nervousness as a tool for success.

Musical improvement will be in the areas of instrumental proficiency, rhythmic/melodic/harmonic development, phrasing, creativity, and group interaction.

A single lesson can help as an assessment of current level and advice on what to improve upon leading to the audition. Students who study for a year or more achieve significant improvement directly pointed to the requirements and criteria used by schools to grade and judge applicants. Students at higher levels of development and achievement can increase their chances of scholarship consideration. As an adjudicator of auditions at the New School Jazz Program for decades, I offer the student the advantage of studying with someone who knows very well the specific criteria used to select applicants and the best ways to maximize your performance at the actual audition.

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