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Workshops and Masterclasses

Affordable packages available. 

Workshops & Master Classes covering the following subjects are available. They are interactive lectures requiring musical and verbal participation.

Creative Improvisation Within the Parameters of Tonal Harmony

A simple explanation of how to practice creating your own melodies within the parameters of tonal harmony. Explores the understanding of form, structure, harmonic rhythm, and smaller movements within larger movements. Students are challenged and instructed on how to construct melodies which outline the harmonies they are choosing through note arrangement and resolution and cadence. The goal is to achieve freedom within tonal harmony and be able to create and improvise in a free and interactive way. Applicable to all instruments.

Tonal Approach Vs. The Modal Approach

A detailed explanation of the conceptual difference between each approach and how they interact, how they occurred historically through western European music and evolved through the development of American jazz. The workshop will cover one approach versus the other and the superimposition of the modal approach to changes which happened later and is quite common today. Applicable for all instruments.

Practice More Effectively

Focuses on the importance of having a strategy and practice method to attain the students’ individual goals. Outlines the effectiveness of a good practice schedule and efficient time management/routine to the success of achieving one's short term, mid-term, and long term goals. Applicable to all instruments.

The Science of Sound

Focuses on producing a personal, controlled, expressive dynamic sound on the saxophone; how to get the reed to work for you, how to create a broad dynamic range, how to produce a bigger, rounder, open sound with superior quality and projection. Also will focus on personalizing ones sound through the use of pitch control and manipulation, vibrato, and proper tonguing and articulation. Specific practice techniques will be given to perfect and master the flow of sound over the full range of the instrument. For saxophonists.

Action, Reaction, Interaction

Work with small groups to attain more group creativity and emotional projection. The small groups from duo to sextet will perform together, and focus on acting, reacting, and interacting within the realm of the song. Great emphasis is placed on listening, playing as a part of a larger whole, and having enough understanding, awareness, and comfort with and within the music to do so. Can be a real ear-opener and greatly reinforce the concepts all teachers. Suitable for all instruments.




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